Frequently asked questions
Delivery problems


Defective product: If you are not satisfied with the condition of the product you receive, you can return any item free of charge within seven days and we will return your money. Contact our Customer Service department or access the return form.

More information on returns


If you not satisfied with the condition of the glasses when you pick them up from your optician, talk to your optician directly so we can send a new pair to your optician.

How do I return a product?

Sun glasses

Any product may be returned free of charge within 30 calendar days from receipt of the order and we will return your money.

  1. Contact our customer service or any other of the means of contact we offer, attaching a filled out copy of the withdrawal form you will find attached to our General Terms and Conditions, or send us an unequivocal statement of your wish not to continue with your purchase.
  2. As soon as we get your request, we will acknowledge receipt by email.
  3. Once your request has been approved, we will notify the courier service so that they can pick up your shipment.
  4. Once we receive the product we will return your money.

Prescription glasses

For glasses bought from an optician you must return to the optician where you bought them. The terms and conditions of return will depend on the return policy established by the individual optician.

How does the shipping policy work?


Destination and price: Shipping is free worldwide and we ship all over the world
Delivery periods: The delivery periods are 2–3 working days within the EU and 4–6 days for other territories.

What does the package include? Along with your purchase receipt, the package includes the case for your glasses and a cloth to clean your glasses.


Price: Shipping to your optician for you to try on the glasses is free.
Delivery periods: During the reservation process for the glasses, you choose the pick-up date to try them on at your optician.

Do I have to pay for shipping costs?

No, the pick-up service at the optician’s is free of charge. lool assumes the shipping costs to the chosen optician.

Do you provide prescription lenses?

No, we do not provide prescription lenses.

In the case of eyeglasses, we send the frames of your choice to your chosen optician for him/her to make your prescription. Thus, the final price that you see on our website is for the frames. The price of prescription lenses is set by the optician.

Can I buy eyeglasses through the website?

No, but we offer the option of sending the glasses of your choice (up to maximum of 3 pairs) to the optician closest to you, so you can try them on and buy them at the store, if you want.

What does the warranty on lool product cover?


Factory defects: in such case we will send you a completely new pair of glasses. Our warranty policy offers cover for up to 36 months.

Prescription glasses

For glasses bought from an optician you  must return directly to the optician where you bought them. Inform us of what has occurred so that they can apply the corresponding warranty policy.

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You can add another sunglass frame to try
You can add another optical frame to try on
You can add another optical frame to try on
You can add another optical frame to try on