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15 FEB 2022
New capusle created by the notorious product designer Naoto Fukasawa.
lool & Naoto Fukasawa come together at lool LABS to present a new collaboration: A limited edition pair of glasses designed by Naoto Fukusawa. The simplification of the geometrical forms of his designs has led him to create two different shapes models.
15 JULY 2020
A conceptual design of glasses honoring the visionary concept Citroen Karin.
Karin's design has impacted and endured our visual memory, that's why we wanted to pay tribute to her by designing a concept of sunglasses inspired by this icon.
4 JUNE 2020
Conceptual design of a sunglass inspired by “Casa Vicens” Gaudí's first great work
We introduce lool LABS Concepts, a way to show and explore fleeting ideas see the light and do not stay in a drawer hidden in our Barcelona study. "Casa Vicens" is a house that does not leave you indifferent, you can spend every day in front of it to go to work, but its colors and compositions make you unable to take your eyes off it.
28 MAY 2020
Non Stop City our sunglasses for the night.
It all started with the idea of turning a 0.5mm steel sheet into a spectacle with a sporty aesthetic that adapts to the rhythm of a great modern city like Barcelona, Tokio, New York, Berlinu2026 The challenge was to design a frame that could be wear all night and adapt to daylight. A different approach than usual, glasses for the night that are functional during the day.
20 MAY 2020
The Radical Design Movement inspires eyewear collection “The Grid”.
In the 1960s-70s, architectural representation leaned towards trends in the art world, when several recently graduated architects face a reality frustrated by lack of work, creating an alliance and groups such as Archigram, Archizoom and Superstudiou2026
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You can add another optical frame to try on
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