Deco Series is a statement of contemporary elegance. This collection is inspired by art deco from minimalism. Expressing itself in noble metal finishes and hand–painted details that give it an elegant touch. This collection uses PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) technology to have luxury finishes.
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Luxury finishes
The metallic finishes of our glasses are achieved through Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) with pure metals, a process for creating a thin film that coats the frame material.
11R51 Stainless Steel
Resistance and durability
PVD coating

The Deco Series frames are meticulously hand-painted one by one with high quality decorative lacquers for a unique and sophisticated finish.
lool presents its first DECO SERIES in CROMALYT® + βTITANIUM. These new decorative temples made with *MIM TECHONOLOGY and PREMIUM LAQUERS fits perfectly with the new front pin inspired by a diamond.
Elegant and sophisticated shapes with new colors and edges designed to shine. This the lool’s vision of luxury, always minimal and light.
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