Capsule created in 2022 by the notorious product designer Naoto Fukasawa.

15 FEBRUARY 2022
lool & Naoto Fukasawa come together at lool LABS to present a new collaboration: A limited edition glasses designed by Naoto Fukusawa, inspired by minimal, full metal, monocolor, and of course, lool. Naoto Fukasawa is a Japanese notorious product & industrial designer that has dedicated his entire life to design and art.
“It is the echo of beauty that arise when using an object” - Naoto Fukasawa
His designs span a wide variety of fields, from precision electronic equipment to furniture, interior spaces and architecture. Fukasawa is well-recognized for his minimal designs - which are imbued with a quiet power that embodies peoples’ hopes and expectations - as well as his design philosophies. The Japanese designer is currently involved in many projects. He’s the curator of The Japan Folk Crafts Museum, art director of Maruni and also sits on the design advisory board of Muji, among others. He also has been accorded the title of Royal Designer for Industry (Royal Society of Arts). He was awarded the Isamu Noguchi Award in 2018.
The great product designers influence us and show us the way to achieve a unique, beautiful and functional product.
Our aim between lool & Naoto Fukasawa is clear. Combining the characteristics of our eyewear with the designer's minimal philosophy, we have created the best screwless hinge, focusing on designing and producing creative frames that are functional and lightweight.
The simplification of the geometrical forms of his designs has led him to create two different shapes models: Naoto1 and Naoto2, in 3 colors available: black, silver and gold. Thickness of 0.5mm and a minimum weight of 8gr. Patented technology. High-tech materials. The Hub system, to increase durability and maintain temple tension. Hypoallergenic and anti-scratches. Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD). Premium lacquers hand-painted. CROMALYT™ for a comfortable spectacle.
Built in one piece. Built to be light. Built to last. Built by Naoto Fukawasa.
The engravings on the part of the bridge reflect the basic shapes of the interior of the upholstery. The glasses in its upper part maintain the linear pattern of the car's bumper and its openings in the elbows with colored acetate emulate the indicators.
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You can add another optical frame to try on
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