We believe that every designed product should have a long lifespan. That is our way of being sustainable, working with the best raw materials creating greater durability in our glasses. Buy better, keep them longer.

With a thickness of 0.5mm and a minimum weight of 4gr, our glasses are designed not to create discomfort marks on the nose after wearing them all day.

Patented Screwless Hinge

“The Hub” is an upgrade of all existing screwless hinges on the market. From the bending of a single stainless steel sheet, this system increases the durability and maintains the tension of the temple like the first day.

High Quality Materials

We manufacture our glasses in a precise technical process, with the highest quality materials, combining the industrial and manual, man and machine.


Our frames gets its personality with the use of multiple colors designed to match your face, style and personality.

Carl ZEISS® lenses

Pure optical quality. Produced in nylon, our sun lenses offer maximum impact resistance, as well as 100% UV protection.

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You can add another optical frame to try on
You can add another optical frame to try on